Best Spots for a Chicago Hot Dog

chicago style hot dogPhilly has the cheesesteak. New Orleans has the Po’boy. Chicago has the hot dog. The most famous city in the midwest has maintained the origins of its delicious hot dog recipe for over 100 years, and with good reason. The Windy City’s full-sized sausage, topped with bold mustard, crisp white onions, a juicy pickle spear, tomato slices/wedges, pickled peppers, and a pinch of pickle salt is a meal that is not soon to be forgotten. Pay a gustatory visit to the four most renowned hot dog establishments in Chicago and treat your taste buds to greasy nirvana.

1.Gene and Jude’s

First and foremost is Gene and Jude’s. Frankly (pun intended), no hotdog list could be complete without this remarkable Chicago landmark. Dive into a juicy dog to make some memories and fall in love with the city all over again. The bold atmosphere encapsulates the Midwestern spirit: straightforward, kind, and wholesome. Taste the integrity of expertly crafted Vienna sausage at Gene and Jude’s.

2. Jimmy’s Red Hots

Yet another Chicago legend, Jimmy’s Red Hots offers what every hot dog stands wish it could. Perfectly prepared simple hot dogs have never been so appetizing. Just a walk-up window, Jimmy’s is direct and cuts right to the chase. Bite into a fluffy bun and breathe in the heavenly aroma of exquisite cuisine. Created with care and prepared to excellence, Jimmy’s hot dogs are truly second to none. Just make sure you show up with cash; no cards are accepted at this longtime establishment. Check them out here.

3. Allium

Allium is an exceptional take on what so many inadequately describe as “just a hot dog.” Incorporating creativity, innovation, superb ingredients, and what is delectable dedication, Allium’s cuisine is a testament to the true pinnacle of culinary expertise. House-made ingredients characterize everything from the poppy-seed buns to the ground beef. All is built to order, ensuring you receive exactly what you desire. Treat yourself to formerly unprecedented heights of gustatory excellence. Their site is located here.

4. SuperDawg

The standard. The benchmark of what every frank should be. The SuperDawg. Utilizing their own unique take on the Chicago-style hotdog through inspiring selections in green tomatoes, relish that lives up to its name, and perfectly complementing onions, this trademark restaurant has stood the test of time while boasting an immaculate reputation. Do yourself a favor and take your taste buds on the vacation they deserve after a work week of microwaveable meals. Learn more for yourself here.