4 Restaurants You Need to Visit for Chicago’s Best Burger

648733119_c68b9088fb_oChicago has quite the reputation when it comes to being a food town. Not only is the city famous for it’s hot dogs and deep dish, the burgers are fantastic as well. I’ve hardly run across anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good burger every once in a while – even vegetarians and vegans. All the restaurants offer their own unique spin on their burgers, ranging from the way they are cooked to the specific toppings that pair with it. I have listed four of my favorite places to grab this mouthwatering food below.

1. Kuma’s Corner

Location: Avondale
This location may intimidate people when they walk in as the waiters are covered in tattoos and their idea of soothing background music is metal, but the burger is beyond worth the inevitable wait. A little more expensive than what you may usually expect for a burger, the amount of food you get is well worth it. Not sure what to get? Try the Slayer burger! Served on a pretzel bun, this 10 oz burger sits on top of a monster pile of fries and is accompanied by chili, sausage, green onions, and monterrey jack cheese, you will not be disappointed in your choice.

2. Red Hot Ranch

Locations: Lakeview
With two different locations, the Lakeview location is the only one to offer their customer burgers. Locally famous for their hot dogs and fried shrimp, the burgers are nothing to snub. A thin, grilled patty sits in the middle of warm bun and is topped with a special sauce and placed on the side of their famous fries. These little burgers are so good, you won’t even notice the lack of pickles as the restaurant does not serve them!

3. M Burger

Locations: All Over Chicago
This may be a surprise to some people as the M burger is a fast food burger. With the same grease factor as other chains, why would the M burger stand out? Well, quite simply, the thin delicious patty. It sits pretty in between a sugary bun and topped with it’s own special sauce. You can get the basic hamburger or cheeseburger, or the special M burger – which is topped with bacon and sauce. M burger doesn’t neglect people either as they offer a turkey burger or a Nurse Betty for vegetarians.

4. Good Stuff Eatery

Locations: Millennium Park
Awarded Chicago’s Gourmet Hamburger Hop’s top prize, it’s not a surprise Good Stuff serves up a mean burger. Opened by chef Spike Mendelsohn, these burgers offer their customers a euphoric experience. Their Prez Obama burger won the Judge’s Choice Award and it’s hard to blame them. The burger is paired with Applewood bacon, onion marmalade, and Roquefort cheese creating a unique and appetizing flavor combo. The shakes and fries make a great side pair, so don’t overlook them either.