Great Hamburgers in Chicago, Illinois

There are many restaurants in this world that serve hamburgers. They don’t all stand out, however. If you’re in the mood to nosh on an old-fashioned burger in Chicago, Illinois, you have reason to celebrate. Au Cheval is a Windy City eatery that’s home to the finest burger in the entire city. People who want to savor hearty and filling hamburgers in Chicago should head to the bustling West Randolph Street diner without delay.

People who visit Au Cheval can choose between both single and double cheeseburgers. There are other delectable sandwiches available on the menu, too. These include fried bologna sandwiches and cheese fondue and egg sandwiches. Diners don’t necessarily have to be sandwich enthusiasts to enjoy great meals at Au Cheval, either. That’s because the eatery’s menu is truly extensive. Other notable dishes that are available to diners are fresh fish, matzoh ball soup, raw vegetable salads and roasted pepper omelettes. Side dish choices at Au Cheval include french fries, hash browns, mashed potatoes and fried eggs.

Chicago Burger

Classic meal deal offered on Au Cheval’s menu

Au Cheval is a restaurant that takes diners’ dietary requests into consideration. That’s why it has an extensive menu that’s suitable for people who suffer from gluten intolerance. If you cannot consume foods with gluten, you don’t have to worry. Au Cheval has a substantial menu of mouthwatering gluten-free delights. People can feast on single and double cheeseburgers that are completely devoid of gluten. These burgers are served on top of crispy hash. Other meals that are on the gluten-free menu at Au Cheval are chopped salads, griddled bratwurst, green salads and chopped chicken liver.

The ambience at Au Cheval is friendly and welcoming. The restaurant’s staff members always do anything they can to make diners feel comfortable and relaxed. People who have questions and concerns regarding any items on the menu can speak with the waiters and waitresses about them. The employees at Au Cheval are always more than willing to help.

If you want to eat a tasty and warm burger in total peace, you can easily do so at Au Cheval. The eatery also makes a great destination for people who want to enjoy a vast range of high-quality beverages. It doesn’t matter if you’re a massive fan of whisky, gin or rum. You’ll be able to take advantage of a great drink list at this Chicago hangout. This restaurant has a little something for everyone. People who are sightseeing in beautiful Chicago should make visits to Au Cheval a priority. If you’re going to be spending any time touring Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo or the Field Museum of Natural History, you should plan a meal at Au Cheval. You definitely won’t regret your choice.

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