Chicago’s Best Deep Dish

deep dish chicago pizzaChicago is known worldwide for its famous deep dish pizza. People travel far and wide to get an authentic slice. However, there are hundreds of places where you can get a slice of deep dish. But where can you find the best slice? Here’s a list of my favorite places that you must check out.

1. Chicago Pizza Tours

While this isn’t a specific restaurant, Chicago Pizza Tours will take you on a driven tour around the city to different locations where you can taste a variety of pizzas. The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and will give you lots of great information on the history of pizza in Chicago as well as information on the restaurants you visit. A huge perk of this tour is that you don’t have to wait the typical 1hr+ to get a slice from these famously popular restaurants; you get served almost immediately. To find more information on their tours check out

2. The Art of Pizza

Located at 2022 North Ashland Avenue, The Art of Pizza is a local favorite. There is usually a line out the door but they have ample parking spaces. They also deliver. Some of their most popular pizzas are stuffed deep dish slices such as the Art’s Special which is stuffed sausage, spinach, onion and mushroom. The slices are large, the crust is flaky and the sauce is perfectly spiced. Pies range from $10.95 – $29.95. To find out more visit

3. Lou Malnati’s

Lou Malnati’s has 43 locations throughout Chicago. Some of them are carry-out and delivery only, while others are full sitdown locations. They are known for their deep dish buttered crust pizza. My personal favorite is the Malnati Chicago classic, which is made with sausage, extra cheese and vine-ripened tomatoes on Buttercrust. As with the other famous pizza parlors in Chicago you can expect there to be at least a 40 minute wait at the sitdown locations. It’s important to keep in mind that they take a while to make the pizzas once you order them as well, approximately 20-30 minutes. Try ordering ahead or ensuring that you go with enough time to wait online and for your food. To find out more visit

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