Chicagoan Craft Brews

Alex Pancoe, Beer, ChicagoFew moments match the instant a cold beer touches your tongue on a hot day. In the heat of summer, when Chicagoans are swarming the streets looking for shade and air conditioner, I encourage you to take advantage of The Windy City’s extensive variety of excellent brews. Delve into porters and lagers, saissons and blonde ales and pilsners and IPA’s as you explore Chicago’s wonderful bar scene in search of fun, friendship, and a good time. Of course, there are a few beers, in particular, that stand out above the rest:

Begyle Blonde

The quintessential midwest metropolitan brew, this blonde ale is a light combination of fruity taste and hearty tradition. In fact, according to myth, this ale was the drink of choice for Mayor Rahm Emanuel when he visited the Begyle Brewing Company. Taste the stuff of legend and crack open a cold one. Enjoy.

Bourbon County

As you can probably guess, this brew is crafted with heavy bourbon influences. Created by none other than Goose Island, this dark and robust beer delivers an unparalleled and filling taste that will not be soon forgotten. According to Chris Quinn, the Bourbon County “is the unequivocal king of the Chicago beer scene,” and I could not agree more.

Two Hearted Ale

This nationally renowned beer has deep roots in Chicago, gaining traction in the Windy City relatively early on in its climb to the top. With floral aromas and a dark coloring, this masterfully created brew satisfies both heavy and light beer drinkers. Its unconventional combination of flavors delivers a praiseworthy gustatory experience every time you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle.


In a world where craft beers often get caught up in hops, high alcohol content, and bitter taste, the Troublesome takes the path less traveled. With a lower alcohol level and a slightly sour taste characterized by salt and coriander spices, this beer is a modern-day interpretation of traditional German Dunkel. For those looking to dip their toes into the craft beer market, the Troublesome is the perfect beginning.

Craft Chicago brews are delectable beverages of the highest caliber. Do your tastebuds a favor this summer, and gift them with the present of refreshing, delicious, wonderful beer.