Eating Chicago: A New (Groan) Listicle

It's more than just deep; it's profound.

More than just deep; it’s profound.

Eating Chicago: A New (Groan) Listicle

By Alexander Pancoe

If you’re not from Chicago, you may believe that we eat nothing besides deep-dish pizza. Our diet is more diverse than your imagination. Of course, the pizza is great, but there’s also food in Chicago that isn’t pizza. After all, we’re a big city with a broad range of culinary influences. Here’s a primer on the local flavor, as well as a list of helpful tips and some of the most adored food spots in Chicago:

  1. Mr. Beef. Mr. Beef serves a Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich the right way: soaking in a puddle of jus and gianardiniera. It’s a messy sandwich, but well worth it.
  2. If you’re looking for a good Mexican restaurant, all you have to do is walk down 18th Street in Pilsen and open a door.
  3. If you must have deep-dish pizza, go to Pequod’s. It’s the real deal, classic Chicago deep-dish experience.
  4. Hot Doug’s. Okay, hot dogs are another Chicago cliché, but this place is a must, even if the line’s really long.
  5. Taste of Lebanon. This no-frills Lebanese restaurant has a strong local following for their incredibly delicious lentil soup. If you close your eyes and take a bite, you might just forget that you dug it out of a Styrofoam cup with a plastic spoon.
  6. Chicago Diner. The vegan milkshakes are out of this world and you won’t believe they’re dairy-free. Chicago Diner’s vegan milkshakes are a hit with vegans and non-vegans alike all over Chicago.
  7. Logan Square Pie Shop. I recommend the Bang Bang pie.
  8. The Parthenon. This restaurant claims to have invented the Greek cheese speciality, flaming saganaki, a Chicago treat.
  9. Pho 88. This little restaurant on Argyle Street makes the best pho in Chicago, hands down.
  10. Borinquin Restaurant. This Humboldt Park restaurant is famous for inventing the jibarito, a Puerto Rican-inspired sandwich that uses fried plantains in place of bread.